Text disappears and reappears in rhythmic fashion

asked 2016-01-22 01:04:51 +0100

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I'm trying to edit a .odt file that was copied from my laptop to my Surface Pro 3.

On my laptop, everything is fine.

On my Surface Pro 3, random and specific chunks of text (the same ones every time) disappear and reappear. It seems to have something to do with their formatting--when I "Clear Direct Formatting" it goes away. But I can't just clear direct formatting because this is a 60-page document with specific formatting requirements and a 4pm tomorrow deadline.

Any way to make the flickering stop without clearing the formatting? What's causing it in the first place?

I'm suspicious the flickering sections are sections I copy-pasted from GoogleDocs, also. But... I still need a LO specific fix.

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