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I'm writing a guide to multiplying and dividing fractions for primary school teachers. To keep the line spacing constant and to prevent fractions overlaying the surrounding text I'm using a fixed line spacing of 0.6cm and using a 9pt Times New Roman font for the fractions. I'm creating all my fractions using the equation editor. Generally, everything is working fine, and looks very nice, but I have a problem when I've a fraction in the last line of a paragraph - the bottom of the fraction gets clipped, or cut off. I can, sort of, get round this problem by ending the paragraph with a new line - pressing Shift and return - but this messes up my inter-paragraph spacing, and doesn't seem to be very stable - the fractions have a habit of reverting to their clipped form.

There must be a good way round this problem. I'm sure Writer is perfectly capable of producing good-looking text incorporating fractions. The problem appears to have something to do with the way paragraph boundaries are generated by Writer. When I high-light a paragraph, so that it appears with a pink background, I can see the boundary ending above the bottom of my fraction. However, all my efforts to tweak paragraph boundaries have ended in failure.

All help much appreciated.

Roger Dettmer

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