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Writer - fractions in text

asked 2016-01-23 11:13:28 +0200

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I'm writing a guide to multiplying and dividing fractions for primary school teachers. To keep the line spacing constant and to prevent fractions overlaying the surrounding text I'm using a fixed line spacing of 0.6cm and using a 9pt Times New Roman font for the fractions. The text is 12pt. I'm creating all my fractions using the equation editor. Generally, everything is working fine, and looks very nice, but I have a problem when I've a fraction in the last line of a paragraph - the bottom of the fraction gets clipped, or cut off. I can, sort of, get round this problem by ending the paragraph with a new line - pressing Shift and return - but this messes up my inter-paragraph spacing, and doesn't seem to be very stable - the fractions have a habit of reverting to their clipped form.

There must be a good way round this problem. I'm sure Writer is perfectly capable of producing good-looking text incorporating fractions. The problem appears to have something to do with the way paragraph boundaries are generated by Writer. When I high-light a paragraph, so that it appears with a pink background, I can see the boundary ending above the bottom of my fraction. However, all my efforts to tweak paragraph boundaries have ended in failure.

All help much appreciated.

Roger Dettmer

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answered 2016-02-04 14:16:52 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


Have you tried Double Click to edit the formula▸Format▸check Text Mode?

Switches the text mode on or off. In text mode, formulas are displayed as the same height as a line of text.


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answered 2016-02-04 14:48:49 +0200

rogerd gravatar image

Thanks for the suggestion, no I hadn't tried this - didn't know about the text mode option - and, yes, it works. Regards

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