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Why does LO print warning messages about Xinerama missing?

asked 2016-01-27 01:15:12 +0200

libertino gravatar image

I know it is missing, I've disabled it. Why do I have to keep on seeing the warning message?

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answered 2016-01-28 09:18:04 +0200

oweng gravatar image

updated 2016-02-17 01:02:24 +0200

Presumably because LO has a dependency on a related external library[1]. Incidentally, which LO packages did you install? Similar cases seem to point to a packaging-related cause i.e., not having all the requisite packages installed. Related thread here.

[1] A brief look at the source code would seem to indicate that Xserver + Xinerama are used in handling multiple screens forming one large display area i.e., virtual desktop.

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