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Since upgrading LibreOffice to 5.x versions I've noticed the following phenomenon working on documents in LO Writer: At first, the app is pretty speedy and responsive; but gradually, as I load and unload documents, as I change and update styles etc. - Writer becomes gradually more sluggish, less responsive, up to a point where I have to wait _several_seconds_ for a copy-paste or a style change on a paragraph to take, on a document that's not very long or complex.

Is this an issue other people have experienced? I can't really pinpoint it to a certain kind of action, but I can say the following:

  • I'm writing right-to-left Hebrew documents.
  • This seems to happen more, or more quickly, when I load and unload very large documents originally in .doc format, with a lot of frames, footnotes, etc. and not just text. But I can't say for sure.
  • The effect seems to be a lot more pronounced when I change styles. Sometimes even browsing the styles becomes slow.
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Same behavior in Calc 5.x. Sometimes within a minute or two, sometimes after opening/closing/re-opening a few documents over the course of one or two hours. - My spreadsheets are simple in nature; no formulas, static content. - Phonetic characters with diacritics are used in some sheets, no IPA in others. - Doesn't matter whether my sheet contains several thousand lines or just ten. - I use cell-coloring, freeze, AutoFilter, no font stylization, Liberation Sans. - Mac, OS 10.11.4

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