How to connect to HSQLDB 'split' database in multi-user server mode on Mac OSX? [closed]

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I have looked at the AOO BASE FAQ (especially) the section How do I setup multi-user 'server mode' access to my HSQL database? and also tried to follow Chapter 15 of the HSQLDB Guide - especially the section entitled Setting up a HyperSQL Persistent Database Catalog and a HyperSQL Network Listener, but as yet I cannot get anything to work (with the test sample database mydb.server.odb given in the first reference.

Has anyone else been able to connect to an HSQLDB database in multi-user (server) mode on Mac OSX or Linux? Documentation seems very sparse! I'd appreciate any help or tips.

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If you hadn't said all that I'd say it's totally impossible. I'll check when I have the chance.

rautamiekka gravatar imagerautamiekka ( 2016-02-10 08:12:31 +0200 )edit