How do I change things so when I left click my mouse and move my cursor over the text that the text is not made invisible but rather is highlighted? [closed]

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Before in the libre program and even now in my Thunderbird program (and even now as I am writing this question) when I left click on my mouse and drag it over text I want to edit (by deleting it or changing its size or color etc) the text is highlighted so I can continue to see what I am editing. But for some reason recently in Libre when I left click on my mouse and drag it across the text, the text becomes invisible. The text stays invisible until I move my cursor back over the invisible space where the text was, then it reappears. While the text is invisible I can make an edit and when I move my cursor to the left back over the text the text appears with the edit made; but it is very difficult for me to edit this way.

Thank you very much. This is very frustrating for me.


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