Endnotes and formatting

asked 2016-02-12 01:07:18 +0200

Dear forum users,

I have been helping my father get his book up and running on Createspace with the editing in Libreoffice.

One last major problem remains and that is endnotes.

The book in Libreoffice is split into styles for each chapter/section (ChapterOneRightPage, ChapterOneLeftPage, ChapterTwoRightPage, etc.), including the ‘Note’ style which includes his endnotes.

The endnotes don’t seem to have any formatting, as I can select them all and clicking on the numbers does not bring up the reference. I think this is because my father kept on saving back and forth from .doc to .odt.

To complicate matters, I am adding a new (and last chapter) into the pre-existing text, that was creating natively in .odt and its endnotes act like normal endnotes in Libreoffice, that I cannot select them all and I can click the numbers to refer to the reference.

How can I organising all the endnotes (both the pre-existing text/chapters and the new chapter) into one style(s) (EndnotesRight, EndnotesLeft) cleanly? Also, how I restore the formatting of the endnotes that were lost (I think) from saving from .odt to .doc.?

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