how to search a text on all fields on LibreOffice Base and get search results in a window

asked 2016-02-17 06:18:00 +0200 gravatar image

I have a Database on LibreOffice Base where all fields in the table are "texts" and it happen to be that some of those texts are similar with some of the others but are located on different Columns and Rows.

I took an screenshot of the Database table to show you the Columns and the Rows; and I put similar texts inside the same color square (click on this link to take a look : so you can see what I am talking about.

I want to do a search and be able to group the products "NOMBRE DE PRODUCTOS" that has the same "text", for example: Products that have the TEXT: "Corazón" in a field on different Colums and Rows

And also i want to have the result listed in a window or table. Like the one on the this YouTube Videos.



Thank you for helping with this question.


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