LibreOffice crashes when opening file from USB [closed]

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For the past half year (at least), LibreOffice crashes whenever I try open a file from a 128 gb USB stick. I am running Windows 10 64 bit, and have gone through about 4-5 libreoffice updates during this time, and have had this problem with each one (currently 5.1.0, I believe).

I can copy the same files to my hard drive, and have no problem opening the files. This problem occurs for ods, odw, doc, xls, docx, .. etc.

From work, using Word / Excel and on another computer, I have no problem opening / editing /saving directly to the USB memory stick. I scan the drive, and prior to everything crashing with libre office, there are no problems with the drive.

When it crashes, unfortunately it requires a restart of the computer, and then a scan /recover of the memory stick (the folder I had been trying to access a file from has errors that are easily recovered without data loss, it seems). I am unable to kill the process from the windows task manager, nor can I kill/restart explorer, which also crashes concurrently.

I am able to open other files from the usb stick from this same machine using other applications, with no problems.

At this point I should know better and just copy the files over, work on them, then copy back, but frequently I am on autopilot, and end up cursing as it again crashes. I am not sure of where to look for troubleshooting ideas. Any suggestions? Is this a known issue with a windows-10 64-bit LibreOffice installation?


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