How to preserve line formatting when copy pasting grouped objects [closed]

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When I copy a line from one LOdraw document to another, the style erroneously changes to "none," rendering the lines "disappeared" for all intents and purposes on a recent diagram I made for work.

I use the OpenSource logo encircled with a red slash (from my icon master LOdraw document) to denote proprietary crap we need to remove from our work flow.

How humorous that this bug had me falsely labeling crap I hate as OpenSource: since the circle and slash mark consisted of lines that had disappeared without me realizing before submitting my diagram.

Whoops! (I wish more people would use LibreDraw to construct their non-smoking signs!)

Workaround involves correcting line properties after pasting.

Minor PITA that could be a real killer (not just an unpleasant passing odor) if its effects went unnoticed on a mission-critical diagram. Help please!

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