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Macro Record Disappears When Recording to Open a Document [closed]

asked 2012-10-06 01:01:09 +0100

Frank1000 gravatar image

Hi, when I try to record a macro that opens a certain document, the little macro window disappears as soon as the document is opened ... thus not having recorded the macro.

Anyone who can help me in this ?

Regards, Frank

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2 Answers

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answered 2012-10-06 01:57:37 +0100

w_whalley gravatar image

That topic has been addressed on an OpenOffice forum. I found their solution to work if I omitted the Empty()=Array() line, i.e.

sub Main
rem Empty() = Array()
testDoc=StarDesktop.loadComponentFromURL(FileName, "_blank",0,array())
end sub
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answered 2012-10-06 04:50:39 +0100

Frank1000 gravatar image

thx, works cake. Probably my google phrase was to off to find the article ... but with that little coding I can achieve, I would have failed at the "rem" you've set anyways.

Looking for someone who can help me to set up some macros to write / retrieve from table and some formatting etc. for 1 hour skype session ...

Regards, Frank

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