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How do I get grid lines to print using calc?

asked 2016-03-31 18:27:18 +0200

coop02 gravatar image

I want to print gridlines on my final printout of a calc spreadsheet.

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-03-31 18:36:34 +0200

coop02 gravatar image

Found it! Select "format", "page", "sheet", "grid".

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answered 2017-03-07 05:04:23 +0200

bert munger gravatar image

Hi coop02,

That is correct. However, I find that usually I want borders around some of the cells and no gridlines in other areas. For this use: Format, cells, borders. Then make a choice under "line arrangement." You can choose horizontal lines, vertical lines, both, or just an outline of the whole selection. If you want borders around all the cells with content, Format, page is the way to go. Format, cells gives you more options if you need them.

If I ever need to put a grid on everything, I'll have an easier way to do it. Thanks for your post and answer.

Happy spreadsheeting!

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