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German language version of [closed]

asked 2012-10-13 07:51:01 +0100

Erwin Brandstetter gravatar image

updated 2013-10-21 22:54:39 +0100

manj_k gravatar image

According to this article on heise it is (or was) planned to create a German version of this site, too.
I found that via the Wikipedia page on Libre Office.

What's the status on this?

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I can not speak for LibO guys but in the time frame of about 2 month i am asking and answering something here I saw not only english questions (spanish, not recognized). Nobody throw them out and they were answered. So just try to ask your question in deutsch somebody will answer or you get a reacti

horst gravatar imagehorst ( 2012-10-14 03:23:44 +0100 )edit

@horst: Thanks for the feedback. Feels kind of messy to mix languages ..

Erwin Brandstetter gravatar imageErwin Brandstetter ( 2012-10-15 09:24:25 +0100 )edit

@erwin you are right, but that's what it is right now.

horst gravatar imagehorst ( 2012-10-15 21:55:30 +0100 )edit

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answered 2012-10-15 15:25:23 +0100

cloph gravatar image

Setting up askbot sites for various languages is still on the list - currently there is a first test in preparation with the pt-BR project/language. If that goes well, other languages can follow soon. (but of course the points regarding fragmentation that have been mentioned already do apply - but if the majority of the userbase for a given language doesn't speak English, there is no point in keeping it within the english one. OTOH if you only have a handful of active users in your language, askbot might not be the right tool anyway :-)).

But now people are busy with the conference, and probably will have to spend some time dealing with a backlog after returning,....

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I can live with posting German-language questions here. Actually, I can live with the English site. But I keep getting support requests from friends who would be served better with a native language site. From what I gather the German-language community is strong enough.

Erwin Brandstetter gravatar imageErwin Brandstetter ( 2012-10-16 01:03:01 +0100 )edit
manj_k gravatar imagemanj_k ( 2013-12-12 21:00:32 +0100 )edit

answered 2012-10-15 10:59:01 +0100

ROSt52 gravatar image

having a forum for each language separate is an advantage and disadvantage the same time. advantage: - everybody in a single language forum understands all - if someone speaks more than one language he/she has the possibility to place the same question in the related language in another forum as well disadvantage: - people going across various languages will find the same question again

PS I actually only wanted to write a comment but don't find the comment tool. Could you possibly give me a hint?

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@ROSt52 "Could you possibly give me a hint?" — That requires 3 "karma points" → FAQ · How does karma system work? — Done... ;)

manj_k gravatar imagemanj_k ( 2012-10-15 14:51:27 +0100 )edit

@manj_k thanks for hint with the karma point and the related link It seems someone gave me 3 karma points as I can now place a comment. I might need to thank you for that.

ROSt52 gravatar imageROSt52 ( 2012-10-15 15:15:54 +0100 )edit

And I don't have the karma to upvote your answer, yet. Kind of a pity, this isn't part of the stackexchange network. But mostly I am just happy if it works. :)

Erwin Brandstetter gravatar imageErwin Brandstetter ( 2012-10-16 01:05:10 +0100 )edit

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