Make it possible for a page number to include paragraph number

asked 2016-04-13 07:34:46 +0200

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Working on a 'living' document. It happens frequently that a page in a chapter is added or deleted. When using continuous page numbering, this would imply printing the whole document on such a change.

Pages are numbered by chapter - only have to re-print (part of) the chapter. The page number format in the footer is [paragraph number] - [page number]. This works fine for the footer (with 2 fields), but is a disaster for the TOC - have to edit that by hand to fix.

IMHO a solution would be to add a page-number-format which has this style - assumed the same style is used in the TOC generation. Another solution would be to add 'paragraph number' to the possible fields in the TOC-definition.

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