Group records in mail merge or base report with a lot of static text

asked 2016-04-15 12:52:27 +0200

BorOl gravatar image

Which application should I use? I have a database (originaly in calc as there are many calculations) of about 700 records - real estate offers. I need seperate writer documents (it would be about 200 documents for now) for each location containing from one to several records in each (records grouped by location). Document consists of mixed together: data from the base grouped by location and a lot of static text, pictures and tables. That is: first 6 pages with some data from base put in several tables seperated by short static text, then about 5 pages of static text, pictures etc. only (what makes base reports difficult to use), then data from to different tables from base put in several new tabels in document. Is it possible to do with LibreOffice? For the moment I was making documents for each record and copy&paste data manually to documents for groups of location, but it is a pain...

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