Broken controls layout in Tools > Options > View [closed]

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Using vanilla install of 5.1.x on Ubuntu and Windows with Polish translation.

In Tools > Options > View the interface is broken :

Left column (as marked on the screenshot below) is not wide enough to hold all the controls - some of them are completely invisible (ie icon theme drop down list), the rest is partially cut off. The invisible controls are still accessible (I think) by changing the focus with TAB key, but they're still unusable because you can't see what you're doing.

Here's the screenshot: link text (I'm sorry, I don't have enough points to upload the file).

Other tabs and sections in this window don't seem to suffer this issue. This one sticks out to me as the first thing I'm always doing after the fresh install is to change the fugly default icon theme to sifr.

I can't do that now because the option isn't there.

Also "still" version (5.0.5) doesn't have this problem.

I have plea. If some of you knows how to properly file a bug, please, report this one.

Thank you.

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