Calc - Generate html tagged list of links from plain text links using =HYPERLINK formula - works with Excel not in Calc [closed]

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LibreOffice on Windows 10. Purpose is to replicate what works in Excel - to generate HTML tagged links from a long plaintext column of links that I pasted into Calc column A. How it works with Excel: In Excel I use the =HYPERLINK(A1) formula placed in cell B1. The I can drag the formula cell downwards to apply it to a long column of items in column A. In column B I now have active clickable links. Next step was paste the result into the Normal tab of Kompozer (a basic HTML editor), then click HTML tab and here I now have my links with tags ready to copy & paste elsewhere. Expected it to work like in Excel with LibreOffice Calc but it stubbornly pastes plain text minus tags. Tried the paste special options in Writer, paste as HTML, just in case that might be a fix, it isn't and there are no options here such as paste without comments (though elsewhere in this forum people say that is an option). Is there a solution?

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