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I've run into a couple of problems with LO Calc and range names. I hope someone here can help.

I'm running LO Calc Version: on a Windows 7 machine. I have an Excel workbook with a VBA macro I wrote using Excel-specific code. Range names are assigned to certain "parameter" cells to ensure the code responds if these specific cells are moved (for instance, if someone inserts or deletes a row or column surrounding the parameter cells). The Excel workbook has an xlsm file extension.

I am NOT running JRE in LO. I am trying to see if the VBA code will execute (with modifications if necessary) in LO Basic. (I'm still a bit new to LO -- would this be Basic2VBA?)

I have determined that merely opening the Excel workbook in LO Calc results in all range names and references being removed.

Once I add the missing range names and references, I can get LO to execute the code -- except that it results in a series of Err:508 cells. I have isolated the error to a particular range name reference in the code.

If I replace the range name reference (literally overwriting the reference with the same reference) in the range name manager, the errors are replaced by the amounts that should be there -- except I can tell that this is somehow outside the macro since the rounding adjustment automated in the macro does not occur.

If I run the code again, the errors reappear -- for the same reason and with the same fix.

I hope I have made sense. Anyone have any ideas?

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