Locking a formula through Add-Column

asked 2016-04-23 22:58:13 +0100

IceCreamMan gravatar image

I have a formula on tab5 that references $B$3 on the other four tabs.

This is for inventory, so every week I add a new column between the Item Name and Quantity. I just need the formula to not adjust, so that it always reads column B, and not what moved from column B.

"Total" Code: =SUM('Freezer1'.$B$7,'Freezer2'.$B$7,'Freezer3'.$B$7,'Freezer4'.$B$7)

Before Column Add:

- A  -                  - B   -                     -  C-

ITEM: ---------------------------- 04.17.16
Strawberry --------------------------- 5

TOTAL: 5 (Correct)

After Column Add:

- A  -                  - B   -                     -  C-

ITEM ------------------------------04.21.16 -------------------------------04.17.16

TOTAL: 5 (Incorrect) (Should be 3)

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