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Link to v5.0.4 goes to v5.1.2

asked 2016-04-26 08:28:13 +0200

bawldiggle gravatar image

This is my first thread since quitting OpenOffice 4 years ago (because of poor support).

My initial search just now for "v5.0.4" resulted in two finds only, totally unrelated to my search string, and nothing about "v5.0.4"

I am hoping to install LibreOffice for a beginner. Warnings on other LibreOffice pages advise against v5.1.2 and to use v5.0.4, but I cannot find a link to legacy versions.

Do I use "Still" version (Fresh page does not clarify "Still" vs "Fresh") ? And where do I download v5.0.4 if that is the most recent "well tested" version, non beta.

(I would fill in tags, if there were instructions for "how", what is the delimiter, it is not a comma)

Thank you

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answered 2016-04-26 15:52:14 +0200

There's no 5.0.4.x link, 5.0.5.x is closest. However, there's the whole archive of, at https://downloadarchive.documentfound...

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