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How to create a custom dictionary? [closed]

asked 2016-05-05 19:36:51 +0100

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I have several(6) manuals for the company that I work for and each has their own dictionary. All the manuals are in a master-child format(70-80 children). But, how to create a custom alphabetized dictionary complete with definitions in a outline numbering style? The problem is when we have to add additional words to the dictionary, we have to manually alphabetize them.

Now, I hear the negative remarks already, so, yes, it is easily done with one or two words, but this year, we have 44 new, in just one manual.

I do have a database (M$Access) with the words and definitions, but none of the exporting options correctly export. And Base will not let me do more that one subform at a time, nor in a datasheet view.

What would be my next step?

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answered 2016-05-05 21:07:44 +0100

LKeithJordan gravatar image

There are many ways to approach what I perceive from your description as your need. I am not certain I understand why Access export options won't work. My first recommendation is that you should research further to determine if your syntax is correct.

In any event, I envision a database (Base/Access) containing a master id field and a child id field. The related query would select the master id, child id, dictionary term field, and definition field for the dictionary or dictionaries in question. The query would be sorted on master id, child id, and term fields.

Once that is done, you could either export the query to csv and open with Writer or Calc (/Word or Excel), or you could link to the database and refresh the link whenever the data changes.

I hope this helps.

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