L.O. window not closing, split database

asked 2016-05-17 23:03:51 +0200

Michel_1495 gravatar image

L.O. 5.1.2 & 3 - base - split database (1 x mysql, 1 x hsql 2.3) - access2base - win10 home 64

When closing l.o. (base application) most of the time the last window won't close after having modified data or edited macro's & forms.

I have to use taskmanager to end the application. There is no cpu activity, but l.o. is still in memory.

It happens more with the back-end hsql 2.3.
I tried with 32b & 64b version 5.1.2. & now with 5.1.3
I tried different ways to close, access2 base command quit, control-q, toolbar menu exit.
I have the same issue on 2 different laptops (brand & hardware)
I googled and read some articles about recreating profile, anti-virus etc...

Any idea somebody?

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