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I have an excel spreadsheet to account for the office/work hours of each employee. The spreadsheet comes from HR, so using a native libre office spreadsheet is not an option. Within the spreadsheet print areas are defined. Every time I save the spreadsheet with Libre office, the names of the print areas (_xlnm.Print_Area) seem to be duplicated (_xlnm.Print_Area and _xlnm.Print_Area_0 being present). After another save, the print area names grow by one member (_xlnm.Print_Area and _xlnm.Print_Area_0 and _xlnm.Print_Area_0_0 being present).

At some point the excel of HR complains about duplicate names. The interesting part of my issue is, that libre office is the perpetrator (by adding print area names every time I save the spreadsheet - which happens when logging work hours usually twice a day), but the problem manifests itself within excel, when at some point it complains about duplicate names.

Has anybody experienced a similar issue, or does anybody know how to mitigate this problem.

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I'm experiencing this problem as well. Arises when LO spsheet version created on my PC under Kubuntu saved as .xlsx and then copied to a Windows 10 PC and opened using Excel.. Get Print_Area_0_ .... error Very frustrating!!

wayld gravatar imagewayld ( 2016-06-08 23:13:58 +0100 )edit