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LibreOffice Page creating muliple borders

asked 2016-05-23 05:15:42 +0200

fateemahzahraah gravatar image

I want to add 3 borders to the whole page. how can i do with LibreOffice Calc? Any Help would be appreciating. Thanks.

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answered 2017-08-26 13:25:27 +0200

Googly Googly gravatar image

Do you mean borders on 3 sides of the page? Or Border of 3 lines? Border of 3 lines from the normal menu is not possible.

Option 1- You may select double lined border from the border menu. This gives two lines. While printing you may print to file and and under Page Layout select 'Draw a border around each page' options.

Option 2- You may select double border as stated in option 1. Select the whole text, right click and in the paragraph option>Border>Default-Set All four Borders and in Properties below - merge with next para. This will create one more border for the whole text on each page. Adjust as per the needs. Hence, a roundabout way is possible.

Option 3- You may select double border as stated in option 1. Draw 3 rectangle one inside another with desired space in the lines. Group them. Copy and paste them in the header and adjust the size to set it as page border. This will automatically take the drawing to all the pages. You can adjust colors, thickness etc for individual border as well. This way not just 3, but any number of borders are possible.

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