Calc, size of buttons on grouped rows

asked 2016-05-23 21:04:09 +0100

Texas_techy gravatar image

only a few things are keeping me from moving to LibreOffice over Microsoft. and when i do move I'll definitively contribute, just seems fair.

Here's my question/feedback.

On grouped rows in Calc, the size of the buttons to fold up,unfold rows is very small, it's a minor thing yet takes extra effort to see and then click on this button. is there a short cut key or macro that could be used to unfold hidden grouped rows? Does LibreO support high res displays yet?

I'm using a high res monitor, and most everything in Calc works fine except for this.

is it true there is an online version of Libre coming soon similar to google docs and OneDrive? that would do it for me to switch over permanently.

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