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I use two PCs with LibreOffice -- both run Windows 10, one runs LibreOffice version and the other, both use the same font files, and both have the same settings so far as I can tell. But Writer on version inserts ligatures automatically on Linux Libertine G only, and version inserts ligatures automatically on most fonts. Does anyone know how I can configure the other to always insert ligatures when available?

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By ligatures, you mean something like the "ae" in Cæsar, right?

Between the two machines, do you run into the same problem when trying ligatures in, say, Notepad? (Or whatever Microsoft uses for its basic note-taking application nowadays.)

Curbuntu gravatar imageCurbuntu ( 2016-05-27 23:18:30 +0100 )edit

I was thinking of ligatures like "fi" or "fl". In any event, Notepad on both inserts them automatically on compatible fonts on both, and so does Word when the option is selected.

Clue gravatar imageClue ( 2016-05-28 03:06:20 +0100 )edit

I'm sorry, but I can't speak to anything specifically Win10 related, as I haven't used that OS. (We transitioned away from Windows prior to Windows 7.) I will be following your thread with interest, though.

Curbuntu gravatar imageCurbuntu ( 2016-05-29 20:51:21 +0100 )edit