Making a summary list of various values ?

asked 2016-05-27 10:27:34 +0100

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Hey all,

Here's the situation :

I've got several sheets with basic database : each sheet has names in column A, and numbers in columns B. The names in column A are not given once and for all ; I may add or delete names from time to time. Also, the sheets contain approximately the same names ; for instance, sheet1 may have Bob, Peter and Paul, and sheet2 Peter, Paul and John.

Here's the thing : I would like to make a summary list of all the names that appear at least once in those sheets. This list would have two columns, A and B. A would list the names, B would sum up the values.

For instance, if I have Bob, Peter and Paul in sheet1, and Peter, Paul and John in sheet2, i want the column A to be : Bob, Peter, Paul, John. The column B would sum up the values corresponding to the names.

So if "Peter" appears in column A of sheet1 (with "50" as a corresponding value in column B) and in sheet2 (with "30), i need his name to appear only once in the column A of my list, but both values to be added ("80") in its column B.

Any idea on how i could do that ?

P.s : I would love if this list could list the names according to their summarized value... If in my list "Bob" has 50 and "Peter" 60, peter should appear first ; and if the values come to change and "Bob" gets to 70, he should take the lead...

I guess there was a simpler way to explain this, but english is not my mother tongue, so i just hope you got the idea ;).

Many thanks !

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