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When I save odp file as pptx LibreOffice freeze [closed]

asked 2016-06-13 17:21:29 +0100

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When I try save as odp to pptx Libreoffice freeze. Libreoffice version: Libreoffice option: Memory 1024 Mb Memory/object: 100 Mb Java ON: 8, open JDK - 64AMD My PC: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS, RAM 16 GB, 120 GB SSD

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I second that issue.. I experience it too.. Like, I have initiated save request about 15 minutes ago and it is still frozen!!

Config: Ubuntu Linux 16.04 LTS, RAM 4 GB, 500 GB SATA HDD. Stats from `top': VIRT: 1441.3M RES: 183.9M SHR: 113.5M %CPU: 100 %MEM: 5.0 Time+: 27:00 (by now, still frozen)

AO gravatar imageAO ( 2016-08-25 18:26:08 +0100 )edit

I also have this issue: 16.04 LTS, RAM 32GB, 500GB SSD. top stats: %CPU 100.0, %MEM 2.8, been stuck like this for 15 minutes so far.....

reilly gravatar imagereilly ( 2017-09-13 03:23:53 +0100 )edit

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answered 2017-02-07 21:24:57 +0100

erkiha gravatar image

Same issue with Ubuntu and Libreoffice 5.2 and 5.3. Sometimes it even creates correct pptx file but Libreoffice still hangs. Depends on file size, I have always issues with odp files over 50MB. Works a bit better when I do minimize before Save as pptx but its not perfect even then.

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