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Possible to use LaTeX symbol fonts in math formulas?

asked 2016-06-13 19:04:54 +0100

jrredho gravatar image

Hey All,

I currently have the entire 2015 TeXLive distribution installed on my linux system, along with the libreoffice 5.1 suite. I use libreoffice draw to create figures, some of which contain math formulas. I'd really like to have the math symbols look similar/identical to the rest of the document.

I've been able to access the main formula fonts by symbolic-linking to all the font files in the TeXLive installation under my ~/.fonts directory, then editing the pull-down selections in the Characters->Fonts dialogue widget while in formula mode. It looks pretty darn good for those characters that actually get affected, such as English alphabet characters. Unfortunately, that isn't the case for symbols, such as Greek letters, which continue to default to OpenSymbol.

I did several web searches, with many different search phrases, but have not found the answer anywhere. Is this an font naming or encoding issue? Is there any workaround that will allow me to do what I'm trying to do?

Many thanks!

cheers, john

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2 Answers

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answered 2018-08-11 20:08:44 +0100

vsfoote gravatar image

So close...

The GUI mapping of the sm Formula editor is hard coded to use OpenSymbol, so simply assign a replacement font.

Use the Tools -> Options -> Fonts : Replacement Table dialog to replace OpenSymbol with font from your TexLive installation (or symlink ~/.fonts).

Understand, the shaping is not going to Tex so font must have reasonable metrics.

Otherwise there are a number of TDF BZ issues open about the sm module Formula editor--tdf#101174 [1] for ability to change default font for the formula editor is germane.

=-ref-= [1]

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answered 2018-08-11 22:03:22 +0100

RGB-es gravatar image

Old thread, but anyway. If you want to get something close to LaTeX inside LibreOffice, then use LaTeX inside LibreOffice: the extension TexMaths provides that possibility and more

TexMath Homepage

The expressions are inserted as SVG images. With TexMath you can use either LaTeX or XeTeX, and the extension provides several macros to number equations, change the settings for all equations at once, etc.

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