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Entering data in column 2

asked 2016-06-15 16:27:15 +0100

RogerBlair gravatar image

I've created a LO text document using Writer. The document has two sections: Section 1, which is one-column, and Section 2, which has two columns. I've entered data in the first colum, and even inserted a column break at it's bottom; however, instead of going to the top of column 2, the cursor goe to a new page. How do I enter data in column 2 before going to a new page? Many thanks--obviously, I'm still a relative novice at using LO's fancier features.

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answered 2016-06-18 16:29:24 +0100

keng gravatar image

never seen this. i suggest you go to section 2 column 1 & hold an input key down until that column is full. if that character doesn't start filling the right column your next step is a bug report. it seems to be reacting as an inserted page break rather than a column break.

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