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Help needed with SUM function in Calc [closed]

asked 2016-06-18 21:41:05 +0200

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Hi there,

Thanks for reading this. When I'm working for a while in a Libreoffice calc spreadsheet, the cells containing the function SUM([row]) get replaced by SUM('name of sheet'.[row]), which is very annoying, as the selected row is no longer being visualised when I click on the cell containing the SUM function.

Does anybody recognise this? And does anybody know a way of preventing calc to insert the sheet names in my SUM functions? I would be ever so grateful if somebody can help me.

I run version from a macbook with OS El Capitan.



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answered 2018-07-25 22:34:13 +0200

erAck gravatar image

There once was a bug upon some time that caused such..

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