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Printed page doesn't resemble Print Preview

asked 2016-06-30 22:49:48 +0200

Marty915 gravatar image

I'm working with a spreadsheet. The document uses rows 1-46 and columns A-J.

Page 1 of the Print preview shows rows 1-32 and columns A-J.

The printed Page 1 shows rows 6-32 and columns A-1/2 of H

Also, the document show Ariel font size 22, but the printing is microscopic.

Anything that I can or should do?

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-07-01 10:23:06 +0200

timelord gravatar image


Define Print Range

Highlight rows/cols needed

Format/Print Ranges/Define

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Asked: 2016-06-30 22:49:48 +0200

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