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How to resize Equalition Formula in Writer?

asked 2016-07-18 05:13:39 +0100

dika_saja gravatar image

Unable to Drag the formula box thus make unale to resize, either edit the formula font format

And one more, how to insert space in Formula?

I have Libreoffice 5.1.4 (latest when i posting it)

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answered 2016-07-19 17:27:54 +0100

vhl gravatar image

To resize a formula, double click on it. Then, from the menu, choose Format > Font Size > Change "Base size".

To insert spaces, put them in a quote like this: " ".

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You can insert a narrow space with ` and a wide space with ~. lists all commands in Math.

floris v gravatar imagefloris v ( 2016-07-19 18:06:31 +0100 )edit
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