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Macro: scroll to viewcursor position?

asked 2016-07-28 05:41:07 +0200

paul1149 gravatar image

updated 2016-07-28 05:42:50 +0200

I'm putting together a macro that moves through the paragraphs looking for certain syles. When it finds one it stops, with the ViewCursor positioned at the target paragraph. The problem is that the page does not scroll to the cursor position. If I manually hit an arrow key LO immediately jumps to the cursor position, but that is not practical for rapidly cycling through the paragraphs while viewing what's going on.

I've not come across a way to do this. Any help would be much welcome. Thanks.

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answered 2016-07-28 05:49:11 +0200

paul1149 gravatar image

Strange, but I just discovered that the macro, when run from the Writer interface rather than the Basic Editor, actually does scroll to the Found position automatically. So I guess that's good enough for practical use.

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