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Files completely locked

asked 2016-08-01 20:00:54 +0200

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I use Libreoffice on Ubuntu 16 at work and when I open a shared file (shared via CIFS on Windows Server), the file stay completely locked and my co-workers are unable to open that file untill I close it. When we open the same files using Microsoft Office, it opens as read-only normally. Is there some way that I can configure my libreoffice to act like that, allowing other to open an already opened file as read-only?

Thank you guys and sorry for any typo.

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answered 2016-08-24 02:30:04 +0200

mark_t gravatar image

You could open the documents as a template, this creates a new read/write file with a copy of the existing read only document. If you need to save changes you have to write to a new file and then resolve differences with the original.

Linux bash file, you could use open with and select the bash file. This checks if the lock file exists, if it does it gives a warning notification and opens the file as a template, otherwise it just opens the file read/write.


if [ -e "$lock" ]
notify-send -t 0 "$1 This file is open and locked for editing. Opened Read Only by LibreOffice."
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin -n "$1"
/usr/lib/libreoffice/program/soffice.bin "$1"
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