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Installing language packs using Snap or Flatpak

asked 2016-08-04 10:26:09 +0200

Edmund Laugasson gravatar image

Would it be possible to install language packs using either Snap or Flatpak version of LibreOffice? Thank you!

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answered 2018-05-19 21:46:05 +0200

I'm not sure what you mean about the additional language pack, but it is possible for you to install additional dictionaries and change the default language of the documents. I just haven't tried to change the default display language.

About the fonts, in the flatpak version that I'm using couldn't access the fonts on my system, I had to manually copy the .TTF files that I wanted to the font folder of the application.

System font path: /usr/share/fonts/truetype/ Flatpak font path: /var/lib/flatpak/app/org.libreoffice.LibreOffice/current/active/files/libreoffice/share/fonts/truetype

I haven't tried to use the snap version of the application so I don't know if it works the same way.

Hope it helps.

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That's true in case of MS Windows where are no language packs - just help packs. But Snap and Flatpak are meant for GNU/Linux where are language packs. Please look these links, scroll down and you will see language packs. But to be honest then I would like to install help packs as well in case of Snap, Flatpak.

Edmund Laugasson gravatar imageEdmund Laugasson ( 2018-10-19 20:56:13 +0200 )edit

answered 2017-06-22 21:23:43 +0200

I am wondering this as well. I don't see where I can point the snap to also include the system font folder.

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