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jackrabbit webdav server requires username password

asked 2016-08-06 16:22:50 +0100

vttramper gravatar image

When attempting to open a spreadsheet I get an error message "jackrabbit webdav server requires username password" referring to "". I have never heard of that organization and there is no reference to it in my spreadsheet. Attempting to click though with the username and password blank or with "admin, admin" does not work. The only way out is to use task manager to end task. This is a spreadsheet that was working fine for months. I am running under windows 10 if that is significant.

Any suggestions?

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-08-06 19:08:04 +0100

mark_t gravatar image

Do you get a message box asking if you want to update links? Select no for this. Look under menu "Edit", "Links..." (If Links.. is not greyed out). Then if you see the webpage, select it and then click "Break Link".

If you have macros enabled then try to disable macros and see if that prevents the issue.

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answered 2016-08-06 23:56:41 +0100

peterwt gravatar image

All files created by LO are in archive format. Open the problem file using an archive editor like 7-Zip or if you do not have one change the file type to .zip. Extract content.xml from the archive. Open this file with an archive editor or Notepad. The cell contents are at the end of the file beginning at <office:body>. Look for any reference to the website you quoted. Report back your findings.

Do you have this problem on just this one spreadsheet?

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I opened the content.xml file and searched for the "" reference ad it appears multiple times, always in one of these two forms:


<draw:image xlink:href="" xlink:type="simple" xlink:show="embed" xlink:actuate="onLoad">

I have no idea where this came from - I have never heard of pioneer investments! This only happens with this one spreadsheet.

vttramper gravatar imagevttramper ( 2016-08-10 17:42:51 +0100 )edit
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