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Importing KML (XML) from Google Maps into Calc

asked 2016-08-06 18:47:46 +0200

pmkelly gravatar image

Hi Everyone. I've read several web pages and guess am simply not able to get this working.

I have a map in Google Maps. I can export all locations from that map into a KML file. I want to read those locations into a Calc spreadsheet, showing the name of each location and its GPS coordinates.

From what I understand, I should edit the filename to end in .xml instead of .kml, and then use Data --> XML Source to read that information into Calc.

When I try to do that, I can select the source file just fine with the "Source File" browser thing, but nothing at all appears in the window(s) below it ("Map to Document" and "Mapped cell"). They just sit there blank. The little "Import" button is grayed out and I can't do anything but cancel.

I found other articles suggesting I needed to write a schema or an XSLT converter, and I fumbled around with those ideas to no avail. (Probably fair to say I don't understand those well enough to create one the "right" way.)

So my questions are these...

(1) Should that Calc import dialog show filed names or something in the "Map to Document" window?

(2) If so, any troubleshooting tips for me to determine why it isn't working?

(3) Is the schema/XSLT thing something I need to pursue? And if so, is there one that already exists out there for Google Maps files?

Thanks for any guidance/assistance you can provide.

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answered 2016-08-06 18:59:41 +0200

m.a.riosv gravatar image

Please take a look to this thread, I think it can help.

How to use WEBSERVICE and FILTERXML calc functions?

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