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Stacked bar chart, multiple rows [closed]

asked 2016-08-09 23:07:09 +0200

ctheobald gravatar image

I would like to produce a bar chart with the x-axis being date and a single bar per date. The bar would have multiple sections, one for each row in a particular date and the magnitude dependent upon a third column.

My data has the first column as a date, the second column a user name, and the third column a quantity. There may be multiple rows for any given date, one row per user name and usage quantity. Each column section would reflect the usage for a user on a date.

Google has not helped so far.

Thank you, Chuck

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-08-11 04:25:14 +0200

mikebibo gravatar image

Perhaps the easiest way is by rearranging your data. This can be done with a pivot table, so that you end up with dates as rows, usernames as columns and quantities as data. Remember to de-select row and column totals, as you probably don't want them included in your barchart. From there, simply selecting a stacked barchart should give you want you want.

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answered 2016-08-11 18:32:13 +0200

ctheobald gravatar image

I went down this route and had some problems, but this was related to the fact that the upper left cell was empty in my pivot chart. This led to some odd and frustrating behavior. My solution was to copy the pivot table data and paste into another sheet, put 0 in the empty upper left cell, and then generate the stacked bar chart. I've now got the chart that I wanted.

Thanks to mikebibo. I would upvote their answer, but I do not have the points yet.

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