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no font color change option in Impress

asked 2016-08-13 02:20:27 +0200

becca7 gravatar image

I cannot find any button to change font color (I have only been able to change font color for the entire presentation). I have tried View-> Toolbars -> Text , but the toolbar that comes up does not show the button either.

Version: , Ubuntu 16.04

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-08-13 02:58:38 +0200

mikebibo gravatar image

Font colour is character formatting. You can find controls under Format > Character > Font Effects > Font Colour or on the Character formatting section on the sidebar or on the Text Formatting toolbar.

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answered 2017-05-06 23:37:42 +0200

zzapper gravatar image

Follow the answer by MikeBibo but the reason I still overlooked it I was expecting to see a palette icon but what you have to look for is in the very top left corner of the pop-up a not very prominent 'Font Color' above a box containing 'Automatic', click on 'Automatic' and you will finally see a color palette

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