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index match (or) function

asked 2016-08-16 17:20:36 +0200

JG101 gravatar image

would like to index column H match column N with Column CK or CL

=ifna(index(columnH,match(coumnN,columnCK or ColumnCL),0)),"")

How can I write where it looks at Column CK if no match it will look at Column CL, if there's a match it will show ColumnH value?

if tried using * between column function, also tried using &

i need to incorporate $CL$11:$CL$42 into this function



Row 10 column H = 100

column N = @CA

column CK = CA

column CL = @CA

side note:

I do not need both columns to Match, I only need one column to match (either or N36 will match CK column or CL column ) and come back with a value from Column H

thank you in advance for any help provided.

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1 Answer

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answered 2016-08-16 18:10:16 +0200

mark_t gravatar image

updated 2016-08-16 19:16:13 +0200

I think this should work but I have not tested as I don't have sample data.


Edited to add missing close parenthesis.

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