LibreOffice Crashes When Indexing [closed]

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In Writer ( I can add an index entry, but when I hit the toolbar icon to go to the next index mark, LibreOffice crashes and then goes through its recovery process for the file. This crash occurs every time I want to simply move from one index mark to another. During one crash, there was a dialog box indicating that I did not have user rights or administrative access rights. Since I work with large monographs indexing is essential for my work. Suggestions, insights, etc., would be appreciated. Thank you. (P.S. I am using build because I also have large calc files in excess of 200 pages and with 5.1 and later when I try to save these calc files, it just states "LibreOffice is not responding" and then shuts down. I just upgraded to Win 10 from Win 7 Home Premium.)

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