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How to search for formula results?

asked 2016-08-26 13:48:40 +0200

pschwede gravatar image

updated 2016-08-26 13:50:15 +0200

What I'm trying to do is to find a given value in my sheet of which I know that it must be the result of a formula in some cell. If I try Find (Ctrl+F), it does not do what I want to accomplish.

What do you suggest?

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-08-26 18:19:55 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


I'm not sure I understand, sorry. If you want to find all occurrences of the value (calculated or not) you can try:

Edit▸Find & Replace▸Find: type the searched value▸Other options▸Search in: Values▸Find All

If you only want calculated values, do not close the dialog, keep the selection, Find:=▸tick Current selection only▸Search in: Formulas▸Find All


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answered 2018-09-24 14:14:12 +0200

mike65535 gravatar image

As far as Keyboard shortcuts go, Ctrl-F does not provide the option. One needs to use the (Find and Replace) Ctrl-H for access. Not intuitive.

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