Macro to insert an OLE object with a link to a spreadsheet table [closed]

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does anyone know how to build a macro which inserts an OLE link to a spreadsheet?
I know how to embed an object and how to modify it (see macro example below), but couldn't find a way to create a link to that object by macro. Basically the macro should do what is done by menue with
Insert -> Object -> OLE-Object -> Create from file (now give the filename of Calc-table) & Link to file = yes
Of course, I tried the macro recorder, without success.
Next thing I did: I was snooping through properties of an embedded object, again, without sucess.
e.g. with msgbox ThisComponent.getEmbeddedObjects().getByIndex(0).getEmbeddedObject().dbg_properties

Any ideas, comments or suggestions are highly appreciated.

Best wishes.


sub oleexample
oDoc = ThisComponent
Set TextCursor = txt.createTextCursor
Set TextEmbeddedObject = oDoc.createInstance("")
Dim asize As New
asize.Height =10000
asize.Width = 10000
TextEmbeddedObject.CLSID = "47BBB4CB-CE4C-4E80-a591-42d9ae74950f"
txt.insertTextContent TextCursor, TextEmbeddedObject, False
TextEmbeddedObject.setSize asize
Set SpreadSheetDoc = TextEmbeddedObject.getEmbeddedObject
oSheet = oSheets.getByIndex(0)
oCell = oSheet.getCellByPosition(0, 0)
oCell.setString "ABCD"
end sub

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