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How can I generate a 2 column index following endnotes? [closed]

asked 2016-09-03 23:21:55 +0200

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updated 2020-08-09 11:51:22 +0200

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I have many endnotes and index entries in a family history. I see I can section off the narrative and insert a page break to display endnotes. I can then position my cursor at the end of endnotes and create an alpha index BUT I cannot make it muli-culumned.

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answered 2016-09-04 08:53:58 +0200

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updated 2016-09-05 11:42:37 +0200

When you insert the index with Insert->Indexes and Tables->Indexes and Tables ... (or afterwards by clicking inside the index and selecting the same menu item), go to Columns tab and choose the desired numbers of columns.

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EDIT: at request, here is an example document:

Main page is single column with one end note and two index entries. 2-column index is generated below this paragraph. Next page is End-note section in its own (automatic) page style which is changed to 4-column. Cursor is positioned at the end of the note and 2-column index is added, but as pointed out by, index is set in the column without change!

Please remember that anything added to the end note becomes part of the end note. I suppose it prevents index-specific formatting from being applied.



It looks like LO inserts the "End Notes" page with the said style as the last page of the document. I did not manage to insert a non-End Notes page after it because Page break item is disabled in Insert->Manual break ... is disabled.

To fully answer the original question:

  • either a one-column index is insert as part of the last end note (with the risk of being wiped out if the note anchor is erased),
  • or the n-column index (with eventually its own page style) is created before the end notes page(s).
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answered 2016-09-04 10:34:43 +0200

updated 2016-09-04 16:07:17 +0200

Ciao @ajlittoz, It seems not to work. It does not work either Format > Columns> ... in Section Endnote.

Can you attach an example .odt file? Thank you.

EDIT: Answer to @ajlittoz. Thank you so much. I will study your .odt file.

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Question was about 2-column index. There seems to be a constraint: index should be located in the "normal" flow of paragraph. If you try to put it into the End-notes section, you cannot change the notes number of columns as is shown in my test document.

How can I attach a file to a comment? Should I attach it to my previous answer?

ajlittoz gravatar imageajlittoz ( 2016-09-04 15:35:58 +0200 )edit

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