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Using LO Base to display images from a MySQL Database [closed]

asked 2016-09-10 05:33:00 +0100

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updated 2020-09-12 08:32:26 +0100

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I am using Ubuntu 14.04 x64, MySQL Server 5.5, and Libreoffice My latest project required me to add image support to one of my tables. I used MySQL Workbench 6.0 to add the field (LongBlob) to the table, and I used the "Open value in editor" option to populate the blob fields. I use LibreOffice Base to access my data. Can I populate an image object in LO with the photos in the MySQL DB with an SQL query? Thanks.

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2 Answers

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answered 2016-09-10 05:59:38 +0100

Ratslinger gravatar image

updated 2016-09-12 05:35:47 +0100

Not sure how well LO v4.2.8.2 handles LongBlob.

Just tested on Xubuntu 16.04, MySQL Server 5.7 using LO v loaded images in MySQL Workbench and used form wizard to create form in Base. No problem with images.

image description

Not sure why you mentioned query.

Edit: Ran with a query and same results.

Edit (9/11/16): Doesn't matter, text, blob. table, query (this is through a Query) - see sample change to show blob and text.

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answered 2016-09-12 05:05:46 +0100

cscj01 gravatar image

The reason I mentioned query is that I need to retrieve textual data as well as image data and display them on the same form.

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