Does scrolling a long document in Writer/Ubuntu crash other people's systems? It does every time in mine.

asked 2016-09-26 00:17:18 +0200

StanFL gravatar image

I have a 40 page document originally written in Word, using .docx form. When I open in in Ubuntu/LibreOffice/Writer, scrolling down using my mouse scroll crashes it every time. I tried copying it, no help. I converted it to .odt, no help. It happens at different points in the scrolling each time, and freezes everything except the mouse. I have to cold boot the system.

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I am currently working with a 400 pages document in Kubuntu 16.04 and LO with no problems at all.

Carlos Cámara gravatar imageCarlos Cámara ( 2017-06-10 00:04:27 +0200 )edit