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Custom dictionary per document

asked 2016-09-27 00:02:16 +0200

Willy33 gravatar image

Suppose I write two novels. In one of them, the hero's name is Keyzer Söze, and obviously I would not like this name to trigger the spell checker, so I add it to a custom dictionary. Then I open a second document with another novel, whose hero is Frodo Baggins, but Keyzer Söze does not trigger the spell checker because the custom dictionary is a global preference. I would like it to be detected as an error, so I have to deactivate the custom dictionary and create a new one with Frodo Baggins. Problem is I have to check/uncheck custom dictionaries each time I switch document.

Is there a means to activate a custom dictionary per document?

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answered 2016-09-27 14:54:33 +0200

pierre-yves samyn gravatar image


AFAIK it is not possible to activate custom dictionary per document.

A workaround would be not to add the names to the dictionary. Instead, create a character style that defines the language to [None] and apply this style to the names not to be detected during the spell check. You then get the desired feature, per document.

It is easy to apply a character style to names: Find & Replace to Find All a name then double-click the Character style in the sidebar list.

Another "trick" may help you: create each name as AutoText. This facilitates direct integration with correct attribute (spell check or not) and the correct spelling.


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Finally got time to check this. The find-and-replace works, but obviously it will not work automatically for future additions of the same name, and it must be done for each such name. Autotext sure helps in getting the correct spelling. But I did not manage to register a character style for the text, I will look into it again later. Anyway, the question was "is there a means?" and a "No" is a perfectly valid answer. Thanks for your time.

Willy33 gravatar imageWilly33 ( 2016-10-07 22:44:06 +0200 )edit
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