Copy/Paste stopped working in El Capitan

asked 2016-09-27 19:32:43 +0200

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updated 2016-09-27 22:01:46 +0200

A couple strange things started happening in LibreOffice the last time I restarted my computer for updates.

1) I got the popup saying that the last time I opened LibreOffice it quit unexpectedly and do I want to repoen windows again? It doesn't matter if I click Don't Reopen or Reopen, nothing happens and the popup won't go away. The reopen button stays highlighted in blue.

2) I can no longer copy/paste in Libre. It doesn't work internally in a writer document, and nothing I copy from there will paste anywhere else. Things copied from elsewhere likewise won't paste into the document. I'm not having this issue anywhere else on my computer.

3) Like copy/paste, the documents won't save inside Libre. Command-S didn't work and neither did clicking save from the dropdown menu. However, when I closed the program, a popup asked if I wanted to save changes to the document before leaving, and that one worked.

4) To leave Libre, I must force quit. It won't quit the usual ways.

I've closed and restarted both the program and my computer several times without change.

Does anyone have advice? I've used Writer for years without any problems.

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